1. You learn to reject. The process of dating is a process that you know people either live or through a dating app like Speakou. Especially in the second case, you have the opportunity to see too many profiles and necessarily to discard what you are not interested in. Many people are reluctant to go out for a date because they do not want to say ‘’no’’ to a prospective companion or lover. This is a misconduct because we have to outsource our “feelings” and our psychology to be more balanced.

2. Learn Yourself Better. When you start dating, it is useful to hear others’ criticism of your personality. For example’’ You are very shy, you have to be more open’’ or ‘’you eat unhealthy food too much , you have to reduce it’’. With these comments, you can improve many aspects of your character and your life.

3. You are mentally healthier. Modern rhythms impose a lifestyle without free personal time. Today’s young people spend their hours at work, university, in a car or plane, and have no time to meet people, communicate, flirt, and have sex. Active dating, live or through a dating app like Speakou stimulates psychology and makes you see life positively. Just go to the App Store and Google Play, download it and experience the full e-dating experience through your smartphone. Now you have the ability to exchange voice messages with the people you are chatting with, in addition to text messages!




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