Let’s go back in 2004. It was the year I met my wife. We were both very young and wild and every night we met different people. But technology and computers were getting into the good of our lives. We passed most hours of the week in front of the computer at the office or University. Some of these boring hours that I was surfing on the internet, I met Maria in a chatroom. It was a very advanced way of dating in a time when we did not even have access to facebook. We had 2-3 conversations, then e-mails, then she sent me a photo, I asked for her phone and started chatting with hours. After a month, we met, we fell in love and we got married. It was a slower, more romantic and simpler era.

After 10 years, everything has changed. Dating too. Young people and those who are available to meet new people do not expect a random meeting in a chatroom. The era of smartphones has brought everything to our palm. With a mobile we plan our day at the office, our personal meetings and our new dates. You can sit on the couch of your home or in the airport lounge and download a dating app to get to know new women. Many women, with different preferences and features, are on your cell phone and all you have to do is swipe right and swipe up on their pictures. The last pleasant surprise in the dating field is Speakou. A dating app that makes it all easier and at the same time more complete. At the time I met my wife, I did not expect there would be a dating app like Speakou where I would meet beautiful and interesting women near or far from my area and that I could- from day one- not only chat with them, but listen to their voice through the unique voice messaging service. Download Speakou to your android or ios smartphone and you will entry a new dating experience!

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