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Speakou is a new dating mobile app, a network in three languages (English, German,Greek) where you can browse free and safely profiles of new people. Check their profiles, swipe according to your preferences and chat with them via text and voice messages. Download Speakou now, for a new experience beyond the usual and boring text messages. You can now speak to the person that matches your preferences entering a fascinating new way of e-dating

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Record your voice message
Now you have the unique opportunity to record your voice message and send it to your match.
You can also listen to your match’s voice message. Enter the fascinating new way of Speakou dating.


Swipe Right - Left - Up
Record your voice message
Swipe right on your favorite profile and wait for a match to happen and then you can start a conversation through text or voice messages. Swipe left on the profiles you want to skip. They won’t appear again on your search page.


Create a profile
Choose your gender, age, insert personal information, record your personal greeting to introduce yourself to Speakou users.


Say more. Flirt more.


You just have to log in to Speakou and create a profile by entering personal information, pictures, a voice personal greeting and then choose the gender and the age scale you are interested in. Your flirting experience starts right now.

You just have to swipe right on the profiles you like, I you have been matched you can start a conversation through text or voice messages. Swipe left on the profiles you want to skip. They won’t appear again on your search page.

You can chat via text messages and voice messages. The unique characteristic of Speakou offers you the opportunity to hear your match’s voice!

Speakou is the new dating app that offers the users the fascinating experience of sending and receiving voice messages of the users you have been matched.


Say more. Flirt more.


I’ m only 26 years old and I like meeting girls in dating apps. But I got bored, because all dating apps are the same. Fortunately I discovered Speakou - new and unique! It really turns me on that I can hear their voice and not just texting!


Speakou is the perfect net for making matches! It’s new and hot cause you can share your voice messages with people you like. Just log in and swipe right!


My story with Speakou started when my best friend suggested me to join the app! She told me that she met a great guy who sent her a voice message flirting her. So I got in and really got stuck. So many good looking men with great voices in one dating app!


I`m a busy attorney and I don’t have much free time for myself. I just discovered Speakou, and my weekends make sense. I now have the opportunity to flirt with many men through the best dating app!


I travel a lot with my job and I like meeting beautiful girls in every place that I visit. Speakou is the best way to find cute ladies and spend my time when I finish my business. It is great that I can listen to their voice messages!